“Vintage” Pattern Aircraft

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Oct 062015
"Vintage" Pattern Aircraft

Thanks to Brian van der Westhuizen (thanks Brian) I have another Vintage pattern aircraft which appears to be quite flyable. So now it has an engine (ASP .46 Mk I) and servos to randomly deflect the flying surfaces to appear that I am in some sort of control. Can anyone recognise this model? I would […]

WMAC Mid Week flying 30/9/2015

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Oct 052015
WMAC Mid Week flying 30/9/2015

Typically I don’t get to fly midweek; today I did as the weather was good and I was on leave from work .  Three other flyers turned up, 3 flying IC power and one glider pilot. It was a great morning.   A few photos…

WMAC Flying 27/09/2015

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Sep 292015
WMAC Flying 27/09/2015

There was a guy there on Sunday morning with a suit and tie… looked totally out of place… well he was a TV1 reporter. He did an interview regarding safe drone flying  with Mark and Leo which made it to prime time TV.  TV Stars ;o) The ALES competition was held and won by Keith […]

Sunday Flying 13/09/2015 including Rotorcross event

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Sep 132015
Sunday Flying 13/09/2015 including Rotorcross event

Well Wellington turned on a great day for the first Rotorcross event hosted by the Wellington Model Aeroplane Club. Summer IS coming methinks. The club put on a lunchtime BBQ for the racers and club members. And no I didn’t have 6 sausages… Here are some photos from today…   Pilot briefing Pilots seating arrangements […]

Last Sundays Flying

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Sep 062015
Last Sundays Flying

  Tony and Warren enjoying the new picnic table… between flights Warrens models on their own picnic table… between flights.    

WMAC Indoor – Lifting with a Multi-rotor

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Sep 062015
WMAC Indoor - Lifting with a Multi-rotor

Friday evening, the plan was to see if the multi-rotor could lift and manoeuvre a small plane. Lifting was easy with the plane moving around a bit in the down-draft. The multi-rotor had no problems with the swinging plane. Forward flight was a bit tricky. A sort of uncontrolled glider tow. The plane wanted fly […]

FPV and Other Stuff – parts

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Aug 272015
FPV and Other Stuff - parts

Notes from Gordon Here are a few links to some of the items I bought along for Show and Tell this evening. Mobius Camera Mobius Camera (latest and widest angle version – note mine has the C lens. Now replaced by C2 lens). Note – to change the options available in the camera and to […]

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FPV Video Transmitter Reliability

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Aug 252015
FPV Video Transmitter Reliability

It sounds like an overheat failure This picture shows the miniature 32 channel transmitters as supplied (before overheating) and a New Zealand coin to indicate size. I have used, seen and repaired some video transmitters with very poor thermal design. Overheat failures are quite common. Many underestimate the need for cooling. The VTX produces heat […]

FPV Monitor Problem

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Aug 172015
FPV Monitor Problem

The Problem This monitor-receiver combination looses the image to a snowy screen regularly, even when the 200mW video transmitter is within 10 meters. The way it would suddenly come and go, it looked like a connection problem or bad joint on the video lead between receiver and monitor. We were expecting a more consistent better […]

Multirotor racing adjacent channel Interference

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Jun 112015

The Problem When multiple quads are racing around a course with pilots at the start-finish line, FPV video channels interfere with each other. Pilots loose their video as another quad races past. Possible Improvements There are 8 channels within the allowed 5.8GHz frequency band. The transmitters are not of the highest quality and adjacent channels […]

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The new web site is up at last

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Apr 092014

This site is as of 5th August 2015 live. We invite content and comment from anyone; well almost anyone, no dodgy adverts :). Special note to WMAC members or anyone local who may be interested, we can put up any build threads, reviews or interesting stories. Please let us know if you are interested. There […]