Oct 062015

Thanks to Brian van der Westhuizen (thanks Brian) I have another Vintage pattern aircraft which appears to be quite flyable. So now it has an engine (ASP .46 Mk I) and servos to randomly deflect the flying surfaces to appear that I am in some sort of control. Can anyone recognise this model? I would be interested to know what it is. I have run up the engine and taxied it. The nose wheel is fixed but it is surprisingly steerable via rudder.


Update – Tony R reckons its a Sig Kougar and you know, I think he is right.

Another update – Test flew it today (11/10/2015). Bit soft in the controls and pretty well flew with little trim changes. I flew it with an 11 x 5 prop but will try a 10 x 6 for slightly more speed.

Do you recognise this model?

From the left… a good looking model.


…and from the right. Still a good looking model.



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