Ordering Lipos from HobbyKing Australia

I have always wondered where the best price point is in terms of buying lipo’s (or anything else for that matter which involves multiple units purchased) when you factor in the freight cost. I started with a “purchase” of one lipo and kept on adding one of the same lipo to my cart until the website refused to ship the lipo’s. I actually got up to 37 2200mAh 3S 25C before H0bbyKing refused t0 freight the batteries ( 37 lipos weighing 7.4kg and costing $406.63).

So the graph looks like this:

The X axis is the number of batteries in my Cart and the Y axis is the unit cost in USD of the batteries including freight. So my conclusion is, for this type of battery, you need to purchase at least 5-6 units before the freight cost starts to get to an economic level (your level will probably differ from mine). The graph shows that in this particular case there is no stepped freight (would be shown as a flat line on the graph).

I need to buy some more 2200mAh 3S.

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