Pre Flight Checklist

(Done at the field by the instructor with the student following along)

Note to Instructor: Check new or rebuilt aircraft very carefully. The student is depending on you to help identify problems before flight and to bring the aircraft back in one piece.

  • Observe Transmitter Impound Rules if not using 2.4 GHz radio
  • Check for warps.
  • All hinges are secure. Pull on control surfaces.
  • Wheel collars are tight and wheels turn freely.
  • Engine is mounted securely and there are no loose engine parts.
  • All servo screws are in place and tight.
  • Servo connections are secure.
  • Receiver and battery are wrapped in foam and secured (glow .or gasoline powered models)
  • CG is correct.
  • No slop in control surfaces.
  • Proper fuel tubing is used (gas or glow).
  • Check clevis’ for keepers (pieces of fuel tubing work fine)
  • Check condition of propeller.
  • Check trim on transmitter and aircraft.
  • Proper for proper direction on control surfaces.
  • Check receiver antenna for proper routing and transmitter antenna is fully extended and tight.
  • Steering gear is OK
  • Check engine for reliable idle and high end adjustment (glow .or gasoline powered models).
  • Range check radio.