Mar 082018
Summer Soaring Series 2018 (6/3/2018)

Arrived about 5pm; noone else there; configured my electric glider and launched. One climb into lift and flew around for the next 45 minutes. So much lift around. That all changed when the wind shifted around to the south. A few of the other guys turned up around 5:45pm.    

Jun 152017
Blast from the Past (1980's)

Those older club members may remember the displays that the WMAC did at Strand Park in the 1980’s. I do; I enjoyed them. I found some photos I took which maybe of interest. Unfortunately couldn’t find any more. Argh, the good old days. From memory we did a lolly drop at Fraser Park (whats that […]

Avoid using this switch

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Apr 022017
Avoid using this switch

Although I read a  few bad reviews about this switch I thought I would use it in an electric model which required a receiver battery switch (it appeared to be a reasonable switch). Well it didn’t go well. About the fourth flight the aircraft stopped responding and crashed in the prison stock grazing area. I […]

Summer Soaring Series 2016 (8/11/2016)

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Nov 092016
Summer Soaring Series 2016 (8/11/2016)

This was my first attendance at a Summer Soaring Series for Spring/Summer 2016. The evening was lovely and fine with a dying Southerly. I arrived around 5pm and being a southerly, I parked down the north end of the park.  Found myself amongst mothers with young children practicing softball and not another flier in sight…  […]

Motor Size and Power

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Jan 032016
Motor Size and Power

I have just been looking at some 1804 motors; just an example.  The theory applies to larger motors as well, probably more so as there is more variety.  Thought I’d make a few notes.  Please comment if you see any major errors. 1804 refers to the size; 18mm diameter and 4mm long, usually of the […]

Quick review – Turnigy i10 telemetry transmitter

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Dec 312015
Quick review - Turnigy i10 telemetry transmitter

I purchased this 10 channel transmitter ‘on sale’ from Hobbyking; only mode 2 so needed to change to mode 1 which just meant reversing the gimbals and changing the mode setting in the transmitter. There are lots of ‘unpacking’ videos on Youtube so I won’t even go there. The first thing you notice is its […]

Dec 202015
WMAC Flying 20/12/2015 (5 days to Christmas)

An ALES glider competition was held today. To quote Keith Elliott…  ” Conditions quite challenging today with more sink than lift.  A tad cool for this time of year. Peter Williams showed us all up with a set of maxes and a resultant perfect score.” Results:       Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round […]

WMAC Flying 29/11/2015

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Dec 012015
WMAC Flying 29/11/2015

Sunday the 29/11/2015 was a beautiful day for flying, sunny with lightish winds although it was blowing across the power strip which caused some issues for lighter models. Michael maidened his new electric F3A FMS foam ship; nice model. Below are a few snaps…  

Oct 262015
WMAC Flying Labour Weekend 2015

Well the weather has been good to us over the Labour Weekend. Every day was flyable and infact some of us managed to get out flying on all 3 days… Sunday was the most supported by flyers. IC, electric, gliders and helis, all managed to be represented.  Here are a few pictures from Sunday. Pages: […]