WMAC Site Rules

In common with all incorporated societies in New Zealand, the Club has several important documents which members must be familiar with. The rules documents can be downloaded here.


Trentham Flying Field – Trentham Range

Basic Rules for Trentham

  1. Do Not enter the range when the Red Flag is flying
  2. Do Not enter the range when WMAC does not have the range booked – see the calendar
  3. Keep the road clear for other range users to pass – Army, Police etc.
  4. Do not drive or park on the shooting mounds
  5. Do not fly over the Prison or Army Camp

Picking up the Range Key – Please see note below.  



  • First you must be a financial, senior, family or associate member with a wings qualification – the key will not be issued unless you meet these two criteria.
  • Park near Trentham Camp Duty Complex (outside the barrier)
  • Ask for the WMAC Seddon Range key
  • Fill out sheet as requested – you must put your MFNZ number on the sheet
  • Show I.D if asked

trentham camp key register

  • Write your name and cellphone number on the Seddon Range whiteboard in Office. (the Guard will show you where)
  • Don’t forget to alter the signboard out front to show Seddon Range “in use”
  • Drive to, unlock and open the Seddon Range gate, locking the padlock on the gate
  • Keep the radio within earshot of flyers – so you can hear it if the Duty Complex need to contact the range
  1. You may be asked for ID
  2. Don’t put the radio in the key box – it damages the expensive antenna

Returning the Range Key

  • The last person on the Range is responsible for locking up
  • Check windows and lock the Clubhouse
  • Shut the gate by the mower shed
  • Make sure no one left on range
  • Pick up the key box and radio
  • Drive to and lock Seddon Range gate
  • Drive to Duty Complex
  • Don’t forget to alter signboard out front to show Seddon Range “not in use”
  • Return key box with keys inside and radio, sign sheet and make sure guard signs sheet too
  • Erase name and cellphone number from Seddon Range whiteboard
  • If there is a problem ring Leo 0274441233
  • For our continued access to Seddon Range these procedures must be strictly adhered to


General Rules

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