Whats happening at Trentham


Absolutely wonderful mid winters day again…

Heli pits Its in here somewhere.
Preparing for the F3K club comp. DLG in flight
Heli in flight My electrics took over the power strip… Had to replace the engine in the cub as it had burnt out. Fitted the new Turnigy brushless this morning. Better vertical now ;o)



Absolutely wonderful mid winters day (once the mist and frost had cleared). Reasonable turnout across the disciplines.

Gavin flew his IC .40 size powered plane… until the fuel ran out and he had landed in the ruff and broke the front undercarriage steering broke. Two cubs and one SIG built up trainer.
Peter’s twin boom glider Sun… no wind… what else could a model aircraft flier want…
Heli pits Glider pits is further out.



Some of the aircraft which came out today on the 14/06/2020. Today was a magnificent winters day; sunny, calm starting with a 2 degree frost.

Ian’s “new” electric model. A vintage pattern machine. Note frost still in sheltered areas. Large and black… and quiet.
ALES was being contested on the “glider” area. What’s that big bright thing…
Max’s Yak 55 Max’s Yak 55 yet again…
Peter’s aerobatic model flies past. Peter refuels his P51D.


Some of the aircraft which came out on the 31/05/2020. Max Evans had a large Super Cub which he didn’t fly in the end but it had a neat little trick… it has an onboard electric starter!!

Jamie helps Max setting up the Super Cub Another view of setting up the cub
Look at this trick. No external starter… Its quite a large model
Trevor’s vintage wakefield Tony’s electric Supra-Fly.



Trentham (Seddon Range) has been reopened due to Level 2 being declared by the New Zealand government. The weather has played ball this weekend especially today (17/05/2020).

There  was a good turnout of the various flying disciplines and I managed to snap a few photos on the 24/5/2020.

Max Evans was back from his time overseas and bought a Yak 55 powered by a 35cc petrol engine. Max starts and the crowd looks on.
Another shot of Max starting the engine. IC powered helis
Gavins IC trainer lands as Michael’s aerobatic model looks on A smiling Gavin having proved his IC trainer flys and he can run an IC engine.