What’s happening at Trentham (in pictures)


[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”14″ display=”basic_thumbnail” thumbnail_crop=”0″]Thursday had a reasonable turn out… ;o)


[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”13″ display=”basic_thumbnail” thumbnail_crop=”0″]Lovely summers day to fly some toy planes ;o)


[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”12″ display=”basic_thumbnail” thumbnail_crop=”0″]Cool and a strengthening northerly. ALES competition.


[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”11″ display=”basic_thumbnail” thumbnail_crop=”0″]Cool and calm today.


[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”10″ display=”basic_thumbnail” thumbnail_crop=”0″]Cool and calm today. Trevor turned up with a nice electric DH82 Tiger Moth. Michael flew his jet. 


Another ALES competition was held today. Over to Michael Cuthbert for a report…

Following on from last month’s ALES competition, where the air was turbulent and sink could be found seemingly with ease, we experienced further challenging flying conditions today. The first round was flown in reasonably calm air, but with a hint of turbulence up top as a portent of what was to come. A gusty nor’easter kicked in at the start of round two and while the air was reasonably buoyant and thermals were there to be found, sink was also in evidence.

Lee had some really bad luck with a gust flipping his Maxa just before the start of round three. This damaged the horizontal stab and ended Lee’s participation in the contest.

Pee Wee read the conditions superbly to win with a perfect score. Stu finished in a very creditable second place showing once again that Radian’s are quite competitive even in these gusty, turbulent conditions. A shout out to Clifton for his third placing. This was the first time Clifton has flown his Maxa in an ALES competition and was flying very conservatively given the conditions. Of note is that Clifton’s times in all four rounds exceeded six minutes, so watch out when he has more stick time with this model and nails the landings!!

A shout out too to Tony Ruddlesden for help with timing today, that was much appreciated.

The next ALES competition is scheduled for Sunday September 13th.

ALES Scoresheet: Results

  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Result Model
Name Time Land Total T L Total T L Total T L Total    
Peter Williams 360 50 410 360 50 410 360 50 410 360 50 410 1640 4m (own design)
Stewart Cox 346 50 396 340 50 390 358 50 408 360 50 410 1604 Radian
Clifton King 348 50 398 358 50 408 340 50 390 344 50 394 1590 Maxa
Peter Glassey 359 50 409 360 50 410 278 50 328 360 50 410 1557 Maxa Plus
Barry Hall 359 50 409 360 50 410 224 50 274 358 50 408 1501 Aloha
Trevor Glogau 344 50 394 171 50 221 360 50 410 360 50 410 1435 Radian
Michael Cuthbert 221 50 271 167 50 217 262 50 312 360 50 410 1210 Radian Pro
Keith Belworthy 133 50 183 24 0 24 190 50 240 346 50 396 843 Radian
Lee Kleynhans 356 50 406 355 50 405 0 0 0 0 0 0 811 Maxa




Some of the smaller gliders Waiting for the start gun
Setting up for landing Your 6 minutes is up…
Before the wind got up At height…
Good to see Gordon out at the field One wing rather low
Ian’s FMS P51D does a fly past Ian’s FMS P51D landing
Gavin winds up  



Absolutely wonderful mid winters day again…

Heli pits Its in here somewhere.
Preparing for the F3K club comp. DLG in flight
Heli in flight My electrics took over the power strip… Had to replace the engine in the cub as it had burnt out. Fitted the new Turnigy brushless this morning. Better vertical now ;o)



Absolutely wonderful mid winters day (once the mist and frost had cleared). Reasonable turnout across the disciplines.

Gavin flew his IC .40 size powered plane… until the fuel ran out and he had landed in the ruff and broke the front undercarriage steering broke. Two cubs and one SIG built up trainer.
Peter’s twin boom glider Sun… no wind… what else could a model aircraft flier want…
Heli pits Glider pits is further out.



Some of the aircraft which came out today on the 14/06/2020. Today was a magnificent winters day; sunny, calm starting with a 2 degree frost.

Ian’s “new” electric model. A vintage pattern machine. Note frost still in sheltered areas. Large and black… and quiet.
ALES was being contested on the “glider” area. What’s that big bright thing…
Max’s Yak 55 Max’s Yak 55 yet again…
Peter’s aerobatic model flies past. Peter refuels his P51D.


Some of the aircraft which came out on the 31/05/2020. Max Evans had a large Super Cub which he didn’t fly in the end but it had a neat little trick… it has an onboard electric starter!!

Jamie helps Max setting up the Super Cub Another view of setting up the cub
Look at this trick. No external starter… Its quite a large model
Trevor’s vintage wakefield Tony’s electric Supra-Fly.



Trentham (Seddon Range) has been reopened due to Level 2 being declared by the New Zealand government. The weather has played ball this weekend especially today (17/05/2020).

There was a good turnout of the various flying disciplines and I managed to snap a few photos on the 24/5/2020.

Max Evans was back from his time overseas and bought a Yak 55 powered by a 35cc petrol engine. Max starts and the crowd looks on.
Another shot of Max starting the engine. IC powered helis
Gavins IC trainer lands as Michael’s aerobatic model looks on A smiling Gavin having proved his IC trainer flys and he can run an IC engine.