Summer Soaring Series 2016 (8/11/2016)

This was my first attendance at a Summer Soaring Series for Spring/Summer 2016. The evening was lovely and fine with a dying Southerly. I arrived around 5pm and being a southerly, I parked down the north end of the park.  Found myself amongst mothers with young children practicing softball and not another flier in sight…  I did fly my small P51D semi scale model and my Katana (3D).

Then I spotted a drone and then a Radian glider. Ended up with a small turnout; a bit disappointing as it was a lovely evening. I didn’t do any soaring; Keith was the only one to fly a glider (electric).

Of course, I had my camera for company…

 dsc07896  Bernie’s drone checks out the park.
 dsc07901  Keiths Radian almost landing
dsc07900 Bernies electric model.
 dsc07903  The park was still quite damp from recent rain so we had some ducks wondering around  the park (5 I think).
 dsc07891  Now how do I fly these rc ducks…