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show and tellNotes from Gordon

Here are a few links to some of the items I bought along for Show and Tell this evening.

Mobius Camera

Mobius Camera (latest and widest angle version – note mine has the C lens. Now replaced by C2 lens).

Note – to change the options available in the camera and to update its firmware you use a little program called mSetup. These cameras are a little picky about which micro SD cards work. One I tried would not work last evening – as shown by mSetup not finding the camera when plugged into my pc via the usual mini USB cord. Worked just fine with another class 10 card and updated the firmware easily.

Mobius Instructions etc.

Banggood have them too.  Note there are 3 versions available from A to C with increasing wide angle lenses.

RCGroups Mobius owners support thread – over a 1000 pages to read!

Note – the Mobius is known to have a slight lag of 0.1sec. This is only likely to be a problem if you are Quad Racing between trees etc. Quad racers use a dedicated camera plus a Mobius to make video for later bragging etc.!

Also note there are probably fakes out there too.

Mobius Docking Station with 32 channel 200mW 5.8Ghz transmitter.

Note – if you already have a video transmitter you can just buy the video out leads (or choose a Mobius option with them).

OTG Cable – plug your Mobius into your phone or tablet. I have not tried that yet, but it should be useful for viewing video off your Mobius.

Other Parts

Open Pilot CC3D Flight controller.

Quanum FPV Goggle Version 2, DIY Goggle with 5 inch LCD Monitor. Do not bother with earlier and cheaper version also available as a set etc. – much lower quality screen etc.

Receiver – FR632 dual aerial diversity is used by some of the Quad race guys. Needs 2 aerials so more expensive.

These blue ones fit (blue ones are SMA – Red ones are RP-SMA, both are Right Polarized) the FR632 or the RC58-32 channel Receivers. Both these receivers have channel display led and channel search)

More links:

Hobby King : The New FR632 Diversity 5.8GHz 32Ch Auto Scan LCD A/V Receiver.

Banggood : FPV-RC58 32CH 5.8GHz Wireless A/V Receiver Auto Signal Search.

Antenna: Hobby King : CP 4-leaf Antenna – SMA-RHCP

Note – I do not know if this is the best option available but is somewhere to start. They are pretty robust etc. though the thicker wire is probably a compromise in terms of performance.

There are others available including an expensive new one from Hobby King – Tx aerial.

Other Transmitters from Hobby King – 200mW RP-SMA.

6 channel Micro receiver for DSM2/DSMX and CPPM output to plug into a Flight Controller.

Hobby King Servo tester – this is a must have! http://hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewitem.asp?idproduct=14774

Painless360 Youtube Videos – heaps of instructional videos on setting up your Taranis, Naze32, CC3D what have you. This one is about great FPV on a budget.

In the description below he lists the items used.

Note – the Camera and Tx combo – most likely works better than random parts put together.

Published on May 29, 2015

Thanks to Banggood.com for sending me the camera, transmitter and receiver for me to try.

If you would like to see more about the products mentioned on this video you can by visiting –

  • RC58-32CH Receiver – Here.
  • FPV Camera and Tx – Here.
  • Circ. Pol. Antennas – Here.
  • RP-SMA Adapter – Here.

NZ Multi Rotor Shop – (not the only one!) – Here.


Here is one I missed, the  Mini Talon FPV plane.

Note – there is a bigger version as well. I have not flown it as yet but there is video of one flying. Will be quite fast I think. Video Link. Actually looking at that video it slows down nicely.

And the one Mark had on display : Phantom 1550mm.

I am pretty sure both are available from other stores too. (look them up – you may get a better price).

eg. Mini Talon from Banggood. US$79.99 shipped (Hobby King are $81.89 plus shipping).

Hobby King have others too …

Hobby King Mini SkyHunter FPV Platform PNF. This looks good.

Hobby King Durafly SkyMule Twin FPV Sports Model EPO 1500mm PNF. I have seen this one fly\, went well and looks pretty!

It is also available in kit form from Hobby King: Here.

Note – the Durafly planes are usually well engineered and finished.

Hobby King page for more FPV planes.

Note – read reviews. Some of them are heavy or will only fly fast etc. The Bixler is the original and might be the best for you!