Mar 082018

Arrived about 5pm; noone else there; configured my electric glider and launched. One climb into lift and flew around for the next 45 minutes. So much lift around. That all changed when the wind shifted around to the south. A few of the other guys turned up around 5:45pm.



Mar 012018

I have always wondered where the best price point is in terms of buying lipo’s (or anything else for that matter which involves multiple units purchased) when you factor in the freight cost. I started with a “purchase” of one lipo and kept on adding one of the same lipo to my cart until the website refused to ship the lipo’s. I actually got up to 37 2200mAh 3S 25C before H0bbyKing refused t0 freight the batteries ( 37 lipos weighing 7.4kg and costing $406.63).

So the graph looks like this:

The X axis is the number of batteries in my Cart and the Y axis is the unit cost in USD of the batteries including freight. So my conclusion is, for this type of battery, you need to purchase at least 5-6 units before the freight cost starts to get to an economic level (your level will probably differ from mine). The graph shows that in this particular case there is no stepped freight (would be shown as a flat line on the graph).

I need to buy some more 2200mAh 3S.

Jun 152017

Those older club members may remember the displays that the WMAC did at Strand Park in the 1980’s. I do; I enjoyed them. I found some photos I took which maybe of interest. Unfortunately couldn’t find any more.

Norm with the pulse jet.

One Norman Dalziel preparing the pulse jet for a flight.

Who wants a Mr Whippy?

One rather large cub and who can identify the person in the yellow teeshirt (starts with P?)

Argh, the good old days. From memory we did a lolly drop at Fraser Park (whats that about health and safety ;o)

Avoid using this switch

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Apr 022017

Although I read a  few bad reviews about this switch I thought I would use it in an electric model which required a receiver battery switch (it appeared to be a reasonable switch). Well it didn’t go well. About the fourth flight the aircraft stopped responding and crashed in the prison stock grazing area. I have rebuilt it and used a better switch.


Summer Soaring Series 2016 (8/11/2016)

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Nov 092016

This was my first attendance at a Summer Soaring Series for Spring/Summer 2016. The evening was lovely and fine with a dying Southerly. I arrived around 5pm and being a southerly, I parked down the north end of the park.  Found myself amongst mothers with young children practicing softball and not another flier in sight…  I did fly my small P51D semi scale model and my Katana (3D).

Then I spotted a drone and then a Radian glider. Ended up with a small turnout; a bit disappointing as it was a lovely evening. I didn’t do any soaring; Keith was the only one to fly a glider (electric).

Of course, I had my camera for company…

 dsc07896  Bernie’s drone checks out the park.
 dsc07901  Keiths Radian almost landing
dsc07900 Bernies electric model.
 dsc07903  The park was still quite damp from recent rain so we had some ducks wondering around  the park (5 I think).
 dsc07891  Now how do I fly these rc ducks…

ANZAC Weekend Flying

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Apr 262016

Sunday and Monday of ANZAC weekend proved to be excellent days for flying model aircraft.


Quadcopter action.


What battery is that?


Quadcopter aeros 1.


Quadcopter aeros 2… inverted.

_DSC9229 _DSC9211
_DSC9236 _DSC9238
_DSC9245 _DSC9247

Club Flying Feb 28th 2016

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Mar 012016


Tony’s new electric pattern model.


Take off…


On the vertical line.



Parkzone Spitfire – lovely model.




Quad racing facilities.

Tony’s model before the first flight.


Tony had a slight issue with lack of roll control. It survived this with little damage,


Spy cam ;o)


Michael’s EDF jet got its nose out of joint.


Te Whiti Park Flying 5/1/2016

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Jan 072016

Tuesday evening was fine with a bumpy west/south west wind general direction. About 8 fliers turned up to sample the conditions.


Bob's new model

Bob’s new model

Bob about to lanch

Bob about to launch

DSC07124 DSC07152


Bob flys, Peter manages and Keith exclaims…

Bob's model sharing the sky with a stroppy seagull.

Bob’s model sharing the sky with a stroppy seagull.


Warren readies his DLG for a flight


Keith’s Radian.

Quick review – Turnigy i10 telemetry transmitter

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Dec 312015

I purchased this 10 channel transmitter ‘on sale’ from Hobbyking; only mode 2 so needed to change to mode 1 which just meant reversing the gimbals and changing the mode setting in the transmitter. There are lots of ‘unpacking’ videos on Youtube so I won’t even go there. The first thing you notice is its so thin which is possible as it uses a 1 cell lipo which is charged via a mini USB connector so no problem there as I have lots of these cables even in the car. The ‘net’ advises that the mini usb plug is a bit fragile so we will have to see. It uses a touch sensitive screen which is fun to play with and quite usable.

Without any external sensors, it displays the receiver voltage and error rate. In full sun its hard to read the lcd screen but then, unless you are flying a glider or similar, you need to focus on the task at hand, flying the model. The standard package comes with 2 external sensors as well. The transmitter doesn’t support speech but has beeps and things. I have had about 5 flights so far and no errors when flying at Trentham (now is that a good thing??).  At this stage there are few other receivers available for use with this transmitter although the standard 10 channel receiver is $US20 which is good except it is a bit big for that smaller model. The trims for elevator and throttle are not in the normal place but too early to say that this is an issue.

The sticks are too short so I borrowed some longer ones which feels better. All the switches are assignable to the extent that you need to assign the switch you want for rates and expo… so its quite flexible.

It doesn’t have the quality of some of the named transmitters but its a great radio and I intend to get some more receivers for other models. The reviews I have read on that there internet thing are favourable but again, its a personal thing.

Its currently retails for $US177 from the Aussie Hobbyking warehouse which is not bad value (but then I got it cheaper in the Hobbyking sale!!)…   Some will prefer the Taranis which is probably more flexible (its has a module which the i10 does not).


Turnigy i10 + electric test plane (which is quite aerobatic)


Turnigy iA10 receiver installation.


Dec 202015

An ALES glider competition was held today. To quote Keith Elliott…  ”

Conditions quite challenging today with more sink than lift.  A tad cool for this time of year.
Peter Williams showed us all up with a set of maxes and a resultant perfect score.”

      Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Result
Name NZMAA Group Time Land Total Time Land Total Time Land Total Time Land Total  
Peter Williams 3547 2 360 50 410 360 50 410 360 50 410 360 50 410 1640
Len Drabble 10245 1 279 50 329 357 50 407 359 50 409 254 50 304 1449
Warren Whitcher 10993 1 237 50 287 360 50 410 300 50 350 250 50 300 1347
Peter Glassy 10280 2 358 50 408 358 50 408 284 0 284 172 50 222 1322
Leo Duflou 7081 2 216 50 266 342 50 392 355 50 405 181 50 231 1294
Keith Elliott 1408 1 226 50 276 250 50 300 304 50 354 260 50 310 1240
Keith Belworthy 10348 1 239 50 289 246 50 296 276 50 326 228 50 278 1189
Michael Cuthbert 10574 2 276 0 276 300 50 350 251 50 301 186 50 236 1163



Todays ALES contestants. Most flew Radians


Peter Williams with his electric Supra. A mean combination… a perfect set of scores. Nice smile BTW.


Searching for lift to sustain 6 minutes of flight.


A radian…


The hooded pilot lands the Supra (or is it Len?)


The supra


In the heli corner…


Ian’s electric models.


FMS Cessna on a flypast.

WMAC Flying 29/11/2015

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Dec 012015

Sunday the 29/11/2015 was a beautiful day for flying, sunny with lightish winds although it was blowing across the power strip which caused some issues for lighter models. Michael maidened his new electric F3A FMS foam ship; nice model. Below are a few snaps…

Michael's new F3A foam model

Michael’s new F3A foam model

Front end of Michael's F3A

Front end of Michael’s F3A


About 40 years separates these pattern models…


Michael’s spitfire.


Ian’s ‘stick’


DG1000 electric glider


Ian’s corsair inverted ground flying


Michael about to flying his F3A model for the second time.


Oct 262015

Well the weather has been good to us over the Labour Weekend. Every day was flyable and infact some of us managed to get out flying on all 3 days…

Sunday was the most supported by flyers. IC, electric, gliders and helis, all managed to be represented.  Here are a few pictures from Sunday.

Upside down??

Michael checks the retracts before his first flight.


Ira’s electric ‘Stick’ soon to un’stick’

Michael's jet.

Michael’s jet does a flyby.

Which way is up?

Ira’s ‘stick’ having nosed over…


Michael’s jet on take off.

Ira sorted his ‘stick’ out.

There were a few gliders flying.

Low inverted pass.

Jet and batteries to run said jet.

Still a low inverted pass…

“Vintage” Pattern Aircraft

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Oct 062015

Thanks to Brian van der Westhuizen (thanks Brian) I have another Vintage pattern aircraft which appears to be quite flyable. So now it has an engine (ASP .46 Mk I) and servos to randomly deflect the flying surfaces to appear that I am in some sort of control. Can anyone recognise this model? I would be interested to know what it is. I have run up the engine and taxied it. The nose wheel is fixed but it is surprisingly steerable via rudder.


Update – Tony R reckons its a Sig Kougar and you know, I think he is right.

Another update – Test flew it today (11/10/2015). Bit soft in the controls and pretty well flew with little trim changes. I flew it with an 11 x 5 prop but will try a 10 x 6 for slightly more speed.

Do you recognise this model?

From the left… a good looking model.


…and from the right. Still a good looking model.