WMAC Flying Labour Weekend 2015

Well the weather has been good to us over the Labour Weekend. Every day was flyable and infact some of us managed to get out flying on all 3 days…

Sunday was the most supported by flyers. IC, electric, gliders and helis, all managed to be represented.  Here are a few pictures from Sunday.

Upside down??
Michael checks the retracts before his first flight.

Ira’s electric ‘Stick’ soon to un’stick’

Michael's jet.
Michael’s jet does a flyby.

Which way is up?
Ira’s ‘stick’ having nosed over…

Michael’s jet on take off.

Ira sorted his ‘stick’ out.

There were a few gliders flying.

Low inverted pass.

Jet and batteries to run said jet.

Still a low inverted pass…

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