Te Whiti Park Flying 5/1/2016

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Jan 072016

Tuesday evening was fine with a bumpy west/south west wind general direction. About 8 fliers turned up to sample the conditions.


Bob's new model

Bob’s new model

Bob about to lanch

Bob about to launch

DSC07124 DSC07152


Bob flys, Peter manages and Keith exclaims…

Bob's model sharing the sky with a stroppy seagull.

Bob’s model sharing the sky with a stroppy seagull.


Warren readies his DLG for a flight


Keith’s Radian.

WMAC Flying 27/09/2015

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Sep 292015

There was a guy there on Sunday morning with a suit and tie… looked totally out of place… well he was a TV1 reporter. He did an interview regarding safe drone flying  with Mark and Leo which made it to prime time TV.  TV Stars ;o)

The ALES competition was held and won by Keith Elliott. Interesting flying conditions for gliding. Some quadcopter flyers setup a course and did some flying. Over on the Power Strip one Rob Burns got his Wings Badge. Congratulations Rob. Your shout on the WMAC bar… err… there isn’t one.  Well lemonades all round then ;o)


A few photos from Sunday…


1 – 2 – 3 Launch…


Another round at launch…


Rob Burns is pleased to have passed his Wings Badge… the plane doesn’t care so much.




Trainer flypast


Already looping his trainer…


Selection of electric models.


ALES gliders climbing out


Two quads navigate through the course


A bigger quad…

Want a headset like this

There’s those guys with the funny headsets again…

I want what its like to be human...

And finally a hawk looking for lift (or maybe his lunch).