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Pre-registered Lots

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1 “R” Motor DZY 48cc D-Max Petrol 2 stroke NEW in box 
2 “R” Clouds Fly
3 “R” Breeze 
4 “R” Ranger 2ch Rc/Tx 29 Mhz & xtais 
5 “R” Futaba 2 ch 2 Rx/Tx 40 Mhz AM
6 “R” Spektrum DX6i Transmitter plus AR7100 Rx (used in box)
7 “R” Futaba R6014FS 14 channel FASST Rx
8″R” Futaba R6014HS 14 channel FASST Rx
9″R” Futaba R617FS 7 channel FASST Rx
10″R” 2 No. Futaba FP-S134 high torque ¼ scale servos 
11″R” 2 No. Futaba FP-S121 servos
12″R” Corona 2.4GHz System (incl. Futaba style Tx module and Rx – in box)
13″R” Corona 2.4GHz CR8D 8 channel Rx
14″R” Corona 2.4GHz CR8D 8 channel Rx
15″R” Corona 2.4GHz CR8D 8 channel Rx
16″R”  5 No. Hextronic 900 servos (new in bags with all fittings)
17″R”  2 No. Hextronic 500 servos (used, epoxied together, no fittings)
18″R”  Supertec Naro BB servo (used in box, some fittings, lugs removed)
19″R” 4 No. HobbyKing 1.5g ultra micro linear servos
20″R” HobbyKing v-tail mixer (new in sealed bag)
21 “R” Graupner Cumulus E2000 v-tail motor glider: GWS Naro servos, CAM prop FRSky Rx.  Converted to brushless power system.
22 “R” Hobby King “Mini DLG” 950mm
23 “R” Dream-Flight “Alula” hand-launched glider 900mm  GWS Pico servos
24 “R” Canterbury Sailplanes “Dart” 1m
25 “R” FRSky Taranis X9D transmitter, case and charger.
26 “R” Taranis metal transmitter case
27 “R” iCharger 106B+  250 watt DC Charger/Discharger. 
28 “R”  Dick Smith Electronics “Powermate 2” AC power supply.  13.8v DC output
29 “R”  Orbit Microlader charger (Made in Germany).  1-30 NiCd/NiMh 50mA-6A  
30 “R” Ming Yang Models Heat Sealing Iron
31 “R” Prop balancer
32 “R” Turnigy Precision Watt Meter and Power Analyzer 130A 
33 “R” Durafly Hyperbipe with Fasst compatible reciever and spare undercarriage
34 Classic 27MHz Transmitter Operates no RX
35 Pair Chipmunk wheel spats NEW
36 Classic electric outboard motor goes well – no top cover
37 3 x metal fuel tanks control line type 
38 3 x old style Escapements, 2 pawl, 4 pawl, ratchet gear wheel type 
39 OS Escapement box only 
40  JP Power torque electric starter 
41 MH Power High Torque electric starter 
42 “R” Hobby King cell checker
43 “R” 1 roll Ultra Clear Diamond Tape
44 “R” Box of assorted servos
45 “R” Bag of servo extension wire & connectors
46 “R” Bag of FRSky accessories
47 “R” Diamond servos 2 * D47s
48 “R” Diamond servos 2 * D60 incl. spare horns and gears
49 “R” FRSky GPS sensor
50 “R” FRSky LIPO voltage sensor
51 “R” FRSky 5 channel Super Micro receiver
52 “R”  Bag of rubber O-ring prop savers & prop nuts 
53 “R”  12 drawer storage unit
54 “R”  Box of assorted covering material (incl. unopened roll of silver Oracover)
55 “R”  Bag of assorted servo horns & screws.
56 “R”  Bag of servo extensions
57 “R”  Bag of control horns & servo grommets
58 “R”  Bag of various connectors incl. JST and EC3.
59 “R”  Tube containing control rod inners/outers & carbon tube/rods
60 No item
61 “R” Flyzone Switch with 2 position wing. Receiver ready
62 “R” Precision Aerobatics Addiction X Green. Needs to be completed complete with motor, propeller and wing servos. Wing joiner tube is missing.
63 8” Homemade Disc Sander
64 Mr Mulligan 1,000mm electric EP
65 “R” E-flite Radian PNP
66 “R” Unfinished Pilot 1365mm Citabria kit.
67 “R”  Original Dave Platt Waco WMF-3 60” kit – couple of items started on
68 “R” Eagle Edge 540 3D 430mm complete in box  with transmitter etc
69 “R”  Great Planes Fling DLG with broken Wing, New Futaba S3107 servos
70 “R” New –  EPP  wings and fuselage 1300mm wing span
71 “R” New –  EPP  wings and fuselage 1300mm wing span
72 “R” New in Box – EPP Focker-Wulf FV-190D 840mm w/s
73 “R” New in Box – EPP Reno Racer Warbird – Rare Bear 710mm w/s
74 “R” New in Box – P-47 Thunder, Almost ready to fly.  Servos, Motor, Speed Control. Painted silver with details.
75 “R” New in Box – EPP Red Eagle Hummer 1000mm w/s
76 “R” New in Box – EPP Red Eagle Hummer 1000mm w/s
77 “R” New in Box – EPP Red Eagle Flying Wing 1000mm w/s
78 “R” New in Box – Electryfy Foam Japan’s Zero 8 876mm w/s. Included free brushless motor
79 “R” New in Box – Electrifly Foam Hellcat 883mm w/s
80 “R” New in Box – Dodger Slope Glider, Trainer, Combat. 1200mm w/s
81 “R” New in Box – Multiples Acro Master Elapor 1095mm w/s 
 82 “R” New in Box – Multiples Magister Elopor 1630mm w/s
83 “R” New in Box – GWS 190 1012mm w/s
84 “R” New in Box – GWS 40 1000mm w/s
85 “R” New in Box –GWS Formosa 2 1100mm w/s
86 “R” New in Box – Cessna 182 Two sets of wings for beginner and aerobatic 1100mm w/s
87 “R” New in Box – ASW28. Ready to Fly electric glider. Motor, Speed Controller, Servos. 2000mm wing span but only 520 grams flying weight.
88 “R” New in Box – Parkzone Radian. Ready to Fly. Motor, Speed Controller. Servos. Wing Span 2000mm
89 “R” Not so new without a box ready to fly foam navy plane. Motor and Speed controller with servos.  1100mm wing span
90 “R” Not so new without a box ready to fly Multiples EasyStar. Two sets of wings. The fuselage of the other plane flew off on its own. Painted Orange Yellow, and Green
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