Vintage Class


Vintage Class


Below are some vintage related links that may be of interest.  for free plans by the  hundreds. Soc of Antique Modellers in the States inspires vintage flying all round the world. Their Mag is Sam Speaks.  this is the approved gas model list that gives the official dates for the age bonus part of our scores.  this is my favourite chat room on things vintage . lots of build blogs here.  this is our vintage page on the MFNZ site. It has links to our rules, copies of our Mag, AVANZ, ablely put together by Bernard Scott as well as our plans service where you can order model plans.

This is James Parry’s Stick and Tissue archieves of back issues. Lots of vintage reading here.  there are lots of Short Kit suppliers. This one of them.  And this is another


If you are thinking of building, or buying or refurbing a vintage model, do set it up for at least one of our competition classes then you can join in the fun at Rallies, regional events, Nationals and NDC. Apart from quads, more people fly RC vintage events than any other form of flying.

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