COVID-19 Details and Status



2).  Club and Indoor Meetings:

A simplified contact tracing form will be used to record attendance at club and indoor meetings during Alert level 1.  This form comprises an alphabetical list of member’s names with a ‘tick’ box beside each name.  Members are asked to tick the box against their name as they arrive for club and indoor meetings and that will provide a formal list of attendees if needed.  There is no need to include addresses/phone numbers as we have these on file if needed.  Completion of this contact tracing form is not strictly required under the current COVID guidelines for Level 1 but this would be a simple and effective way of providing the Ministry of Health/DHB with tracing information if needed.  This is also a way that we can add a layer of protection to members who attend club and indoor meetings as it’s possible that not all members will be keeping their own contact tracing ‘digital diary’.