Annual Auction Details

Visitors from other Club’s Welcome.

Next Club Meeting: WMAC Annual Auction Night – Wednesday 28th July.

The Annual Club Auction will be held at the Belmont Memorial Hall, starting at 8.00pm. Click here for a map showing the location of the hall.


To View, PRE-REGISTERED items Click here

The rules that you need to be aware of.

1.  All auction lots must be Pre-registered by 8:00 pm on Tuesday 27 July. Unregistered items brought along on the night will not be listed in the auction. Items registered after that cut off may or may not get included in the auction.

2.  All bidders must be Pre-registered and in possession of a unique Bidder’s Number.
All financial WMAC members have already been registered and assigned a Bidder’s Number.   However, you must pick up you ‘Bidder’s Paddle’ from the table at the door on the night.

3. All visitors must have registered by 7:45 pm on the night of the auction.
This can be done by either sending an email to   or arriving early on the night of the auction and registering at the table at the door.

Please include your full Name, Address, and Contact number when you register by email.

4.  The Auction will commence at 8:00 pm on the dot.  Hence the need to Pre-register both auction lots and bidders.

5.  Based on previous experience, we have established a formula for deriving a Reserve Price.

Reserve Price = Current Market Value x 40%. less further deductions for condition.

Thus the reserve for an item in good condition currently selling elsewhere for $100 will be $40.
It is recommended but not compulsory to use this formula if you wish to list an item with a reserve.  However, unlike previous years, bidding will start at the reserve price for the items listed with a  reserve, if no bids are received within 15 seconds the item will be passed in.  Thus if you are setting a reserve please be realistic.

6. All items are on a “cash and carry” basis, with sellers being paid out on the night. (NO EFTPOS, No Cheques, No Credit Cards)

7. The auctioneer’s hammer fall is final!

Come to the Auction, and join us for a fun evening!!