Contributor Notes

Looking for – Stories, Reviews, Build Logs etc.

We are happy to receive contributions to the web site in the form of stories, reviews, build logs and anything club or model flying related that may be of interest.

Contributions can be emailed in document formats and individual pictures. Please use the contact us form for more details.

To create or modify content directly, you must be a registered user and logged in. We have set up a user role of “WMACauthor” that allows creating-editing pages and posts. There is a bit of familiarity with the system required but we are happy to help anyone keen to have a go.

From a contribution point of view, the site content is in several separate sections. Short stories, reviews etc can be presented as posts. More detailed content can be in a page format.


Fixed pages that appear in the main body area. The right side-bar can be disabled on a page by page basis (see the calendar). Pages are generally used for larger or more complex topics that can run to several pages.


Blog post entries. Usually short, and get added to the top of the list (the search function works well). This is good for shorter stories and reviews. Often quick and easy to create.

Creating or Editing

This is a similar to using a word processor, but layout is a bit different. Basic entry and layout is pretty easy. It can be changed at any time even after being published.

A registered “WMACauthor” can create their own posts, pages and content but cannot change the site structure or others content. So you are pretty safe. You can work on a page at you leisure, making it appear live when you are happy with it. It can then be updated or edited whenever you like. The content you create appears within the body of the page (the big bit). The main header and left side-bar are part of the site structure and remain.

Pages and posts are attributed to the author (you when logged in). As a admin I can see everything 🙂 As a WMACauthor you can only affect your own pages and posts and not the rest of the site.

Registration and Login

We have to add you as a registered user. Signing up on-line is disabled as there are too many scammers always creating new registrations in the hope of posting adverts etc.

As a registered user you may want to change your password. Passwords must be good. We recommend random 12+ character strings of upper and lower case with a few special characters thrown in; #$%^& etc. The site does limit login attempts and will lock you out for 24hrs if exceeded. Contact us and we can reset the lockout.